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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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s. san francisco sheriff mirkarimi was sentenced yesterday. it doesn't end there. will the mayor take steps to try to remove him from office? i'm christie smith with that story coming up. also, the search continues this morning for a morgan hill teen who vanished on her way to school. and the new details on plans to fix a deadly stretch of highway 17. and a live look outside this morning. that is the bay bridge illuminated out there in san francisco. a spectacular look. it is tuesday, march 20th. this is "today in the bay."
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very good morning to everyone. it is right now 4:30. i'm john kelly. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast. and rob mayeda in for christina. >> so far, so dry around the bay area. a lot drier than we were thinking yesterday at this time. we were thinking we'd see some rain in the north baby now, but that's not the case. unless you're heading up to the north coast, that's where the rain is right now. that's going to drop to the south as it goes through the afternoon and eventually reach areas, i think mainly north of the golden gate as we go through the afternoon today. low to mid-60s on the south bay, increasing chance, though, of rain looks like as we approach the weekend here on this first official day of spring. mike? >> hey, happy spring, rob, everyone. we'll go out here to the construction on 880 but the live look will show you the high street off ramp is clear. it's cleared just south of the coliseum. we have a smooth drive now.
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the onramp to the southbound side might have a crew there, but no slower, lighter volume, and a live look at the san mateo bridge. very clear, guys, back to you. thank you very much. san francisco sheriff should face whether he'll face an ethics probe and a potential loss of his job. ed lee says he'll announce his decision the day after mirkarimi pleads guilty to charges. live in san francisco with all the details on this breaking story. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, one thing's for sure, the story is far from over. after sentencing yesterday, he apparently met with mayor ed lee for about 15 minutes, but would only say afterwards that it would be premature to say what it was they talked about. but san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to make some sort of announcement today about
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mirkarimi's domestic violence case. he was sentenced to three years probation yesterday after pleading guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment for a new year's eve incident where he allegedly grabbed and bruised his wife's argument during an argument. he'll also get community service, a $600 fine, and some counseling. lee was believed to be considering options that allowed him to suspend the sheriff for misconduct. and that would be a step toward removing him from office. after the sentencing, mirkarimi offered this apology. >> i deeply and humbly apologize for my behavior and the pain it caused to my wife and son, to my colleagues, to the san francisco sheriff's department, and to the people of san francisco. >> reporter: the charges would prompt a hearing by the ethics commission which would make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. in the meantime, mirkarimi is
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expected to return to court on april 6th to enroll in domestic violence counseling. the case against mirkarimi is drawing attention to a bay area woman's call for a registry of domestic violence offenders. she was brutally attacked in 2009. she was stunned when she learned her attacker had been to prison twice before for domestic violence. >> he pulled a shotgun on a former wife. i mean, and i thought, why is this stuff sitting, you know, in these courthouses when no one can get to them? >> the registry would work similarly to the megan's law website identifying the name, birth date, city of residents and the county where the offender was convicted. a national registry already exists. walnut creek police this morning looking for a man suspected of trying to lure a 14-year-old girl in his car. the girl was approached by the man offering a ride in crest
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avenue last wednesday. that girl ran home. the very next day the same girl says the same man showed up near walnut creek intermediate school where she goes to school, she ran inside the building. police say the man is in his 60s with gray hair, high cheekbones and tanned skin. he was driving a faded red older model sedan with a disabled placard hanging from the rearview mirror. it's 4:35 right now. investigators are reviewing a teen's cell phone records. sierra lamar was last seen leaving for school friday morning. she never showed up to class. her cell phone was found the next day in a field about a mile from her house. detectives have interviewed her friends where she attended this year and last year. friends have posted her picture at local businesses hoping someone will recognize her. >> she would never run away.
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she wouldn't feel safe being alone. she loved being with friends and being with a lot of people. it's very out of character for her. >> investigators are contacting registered sex offenders in the south santa clara county area to find out where they were when lamar vanished. a prayer vigil will be held tonight for that missing teen. as of now at the morgan hill presbyterian church at 8:00. the location could change. so search facebook for "help find sierra" for the latest details. it is 4:36 right now. french investigators combing the internet this morning to see if the gunman who opened fire at a jewish school actually recorded his attack. france's interior minister said surveillance cameras show a video camera on his chest. he rode on a scooter killing a rabbi, his two sons, and a third child. the weapon was also used in the killings of three french paratroopers last week.
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in the bay area, there's extra security at jewish centers, they're checking cars and looking for anything that may be suspicious. the increased security is in direct response to yesterday's shooting. cal trans plans to speed up a safety study on a notoriously dangerous curve in santa cruz county. it is a stretch of the highway where there is no center divide. now the highway patrol's asking to extend the median barrier there. a driver died friday morning in a head-on crash on laurel curve. the 57-year-old man lost control of his car in the rain and hit an suv. two others suffered minor injuries. medical marijuana users in the east bay may soon be able to shop at a wider selection of dispensaries. the richmond city council deciding whether to increase the number of pot clubs from four to six. they'll also be deciding whether to ease restrictions on locations allowing them into commercial zones near residential neighborhoods.
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currently they are confined to two areas in the hill top and pacific east mall areas. they will discuss creating a task force to fight the exploitation of children. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at berkeley city council chambers. rob is in for christina this morning. spring has sprung officially. >> and temperatures are not that bad this morning. we're back 15 degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday. we've got clouds out there, 40s and low 50s outside. so i think a light jacket will be fine. you don't need the winter coat this morning and we also don't have much in the way of wind. you saw the gorgeous pictures across the bay. the water calm, acting like a mirror, not much wind right now. it will turn breezy around the north bay. and depending on where you are, you're going to see wildly different weather. north of santa rosa, a lot of rain, areas south of san francisco, things are looking dry.
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here's a look at your morning commute. really not seeing any rain. got to head up to the north coast to find the rain right now. that rain line should start to drop to the south as we go to the afternoon the jet stream parked just to the north. this is the story over the next couple of days. the north bay seeing rain showers, areas south of san francisco likely staying pretty dry. in fact, our temperatures south of san jose, pretty mild. the first day of spring looking like it around the south bay. numbers in the low 60s, cooler in the north bay where we should see light rain dropping in later on this afternoon. mainly north bay rain, but the weekend, that's a different story. here comes more rain and maybe more mt. hamilton snow. >> you can't get there when it snows. they cut that off, they want your car to stay ton the roadway. we're looking at a smooth drive, and so far it has reopened yesterday on schedule. this will also open, your express lane southbound 880 to westbound 237, that's scheduled
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to open today at 5:00, but in fact, i drove past the area earlier and i think it may be open as we speak. bob will give us details later on this morning. meanwhile, the peninsula moves slowly. construction overnight blocking two lanes eastbound on the bridge, no major slowing because of a light volume there. the golden gate bridge, light volume, heading north, we'll have the crews getting ready for the morning commute probably in 15 to 20 minutes, but no problems in the south bend direction. your commute into the city very easy right now. >> pretty easy. are you feeling lucky, mike? all it takes is a dollar. megamillions jackpot up to $241 million this morning. people all over the bay area stopping to buy their tickets hoping to strike it rich. if someone wins tonight, they can choose to collect about $9 million a year for 26 years or take $171 million in a lump sum. >> give me the lump. >> you think lump?
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i'm thinking lump too. to get your ticket for tonight's drawing, buy them before 7:45. >> got your ticket? >> no. >> let's get it. possible changes coming, the faa looking into which electronics can and cannot be used on flights. plus, decision day, the results of today's primary could spell out the gop race. and the csu system making things a lot more difficult for incoming freshmen. and amazon offering a new deal for customers. how you can make extra cash daya coming up a live report.
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welcome back, everyone. good tuesday morning to you. what a beautiful live look outside. all lit up in its glory in san francisco this morning. 4:44. walmart this morning, a step closer to opening a brand new store in pleasantton. and the planning commission approving plans for the discount chain before a packed crowd last night. the community meeting was in response to an appeal filed by two local residents who did not speak at the meeting. the project will move forward unless a council member appeals the plan. cal state trustees will get an update on the budget forecast. comes on the heels of a hearing yesterday outlining plans to restrict a number of admissions in the fall of 2013. they say as many as 25,000
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qualified students could be rejected if the governor's proposed tax hikes are not approved. the trustees also announce once again no new applicants will be admitted to cal state schools next spring. apple and amazon both making splashes and headlines this morning and impacting trading for details on that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn it over to jackie deangelos live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> good morning to you. the futures are lower this morning after stocks posted modest gain monday. apple boosting the nasdaq after announcing it will pay dividends to shareholders and buy back $10 billion in stock. apple shares closed above $600 for the first time ever. we saw a rise in home builder sentiments and asian markets, european markets, they're in the red this morning and also in the u.s., we'll get data on housing starts and building permits. the dow added six points yesterday at to close at 13,629.
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meantime, amazon is trying to entice customers to spend locally with a little financial incentive. the e-tailer is selling $10 gift cards for $5 for people who visit the local site. and it's the answer to groupon and living social. it's good every on amazon. and it seems everything apple touches turns to gold. the company says it's already sold 3 million of the new ipads since friday. the device is available in the u.s. and nine other countries. it hits stores in 24 more countries this friday. joe, back over to you. >> all right. thank you very much, jackie. hey, let's check in with rob. he's in for christina this morning. >> yeah, kind of weird. >> that is weird. >> we had a lot of rain last week, weird weekend. this morning, at least we're rain-free right now, it's kind of mild outside. we'll show you some of those temperatures in a moment, but what you're going to find is
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wildly different weather. you're going to see quite a bit of rain later on. but san jose south, we're going to be staying mainly dry for the next couple of days and through at least wednesday, mild temperatures, the weekend, though, that's a different story. the first weekend of spring looks cold and very rainy around the bay area. our temperatures this morning, no 30s on the maps, you really don't need the winter coat. you might think spring has started and you don't need the umbrella. the seven-day forecast is going to change your mind here in a moment. not a lot of wind out there. we should see a breeze pick up later today as some of that rain starts to drop on in. i do want to show you what's happening in the east. and the southern plains, just some nasty weather around oklahoma city and dallas today, flight delays likely there. and probably a few more up towards seattle and portland as the worst of the weather is hitting the upper half of the west coast. even the north bay is dry for your morning commute. up toward eureka.
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it's going to be the north bay that sees the best bet for seeing rain. north of santa rosa today and a few showers probably down toward the golden gate at times. maybe not so much today. thursday i do think we'll see a better chance of showers dropping through the rest of the bay area. first day of spring looks like spring around gilroy, 65 degrees, low to mid-60s around san jose. we'll see thicker cloud cover and upper 50s and mid-50s around the north bay. these locations north of the golden gate with the best bet of seeing showers later on in the afternoon. your seven-day forecast will keep temperatures warming up a little bit more for tomorrow. and then thursday, we'll see a few extra showers. plan on rain and i do think snow levels again dropping down as low as 3,000 feet around the bay area as we wrap up the weekend. >> thank you, rob. it's 4:48 right now. you may be able to keep that ipad or kindle powered up on a future flight. federal aviation administration says it is working with electronics manufacturers to
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figure out how to allow a greater use of electronics on planes. it'll do tests to determine if things like e-readers and laptops truly affect the plane's avianics. well, today could be a turning point in the republican race for president. actually we kind of hear that every week, don't we? if mitt romney wins illinois decisively, experts believe he's on the way to the nomination. if he loses or barely wins it, it could be a big fight at the republican convention. a look at what the polls say. >> these pancakes are something else, i'll tell you. >> mitt romney in his third day campaigning in illinois, the land of reagan and obama. >> i'm looking for the nod here in illinois. >> romney's up by nine points in the latest poll. santorum's the underdog ineligible for 10 of 54 g delegates because of paperwork. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate's going to be. it doesn't matter to me.
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my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> then santorum clarified. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want it to go down, but i'm saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether it goes up and down. >> but it's today's number, the illinois vote that romney hopes to solidify him as a front-runner. he needs a win, a big one. >> a loss in illinois or even a narrow win by romney will certainly seed a lot of doubts about the strength of his candidacy. >> for now, nbc's latest tally puts romney in the lead, the initial count 443 for romney, 184 for santorum. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 4:50 right now. the bay area's jeremy lin still triggering lin-sanity with business. and new worries can
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recollect concerning the olympic games. 580 looks smooth right here through the pass. much calmer than yesterday. i'll show you what else is afoot coming up.
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welcome back, everyone, on this tuesday morning. that is san jose, the 280 interchange at highway 17. rob mayeda telling us, nice start to the day. might want to get out and check it out. don't dress too warm. a light jacket he's suggesting. prepare yourself for a little sunshine, as well, and it's 4:54. speaking of sunshine, summer olympics in london a few months away. there are concerns that american travelers, however, might bring back something other than olympic fever. new england journal of medicine says there's a chance of a measles outbreak. last year, there were 26,000 reported cases in europe with eight deaths. health experts say if you plan on traveling abroad, make sure your vaccines are up to date. and london continues getting ready for the games, naming the 7,000 people that will have the opportunity and the pleasure to run through the city with a torch this year. among them, 100-year-old diana
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gold. she normally walks with a stick but stepping up to the plate and will not use one while carrying that torch. the opening ceremony now 129 days away. and, of course, look at her working out too. >> at first i thought she was that blond, but man, she looks pretty good. >> i like it. but of course, we'll have it all on nbc. two more. one -- nice work. >> a lot more than i do. good for her. it's 4:55 right now. >> let me lift up this clicker right here. we're looking over to highway 4 where they're working out, the roadwork, eastbound, opposite your main commute and too early for any slowing going on. the crews are there from around g-street. watch out for that. westbound, you see them at the limit, 62 past the l street sensor and 64 over toward bay port. 680 into interstate 80 respectively moving very nicely out of the north bay. rob says what rain we do see
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probably north of the golden gate bridge. shouldn't be a problem toward the bay bridge especially right now and we see a smooth drive. we're looking at construction crews southbound getting on 880 at high street. you'll still have a crew there for a few more minutes. and the bay bridge, we see a little slowing on the sensors. i don't see any problems on the lower deck. it may be an issue of a crew moving across the bridge. we'll track this, guys. 4:56. cal women basketball get for the next game. winner moves on to the sweet sixteen. they beat west virginia last night, 72-55. their opponent in the sweet sixteen will be south carolina. two teams will play on saturday. the game time is to be announced. and the golden state warriors last night honoring a fan favorite. >> you and everybody in here, the warrior fans were a huge part of my success. your support and encouragement throughout the years enabled me
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to be the best player i could be and the best person i could be. >> that's right, the team retiring the number 17 last night. that is chris mullen on hand to thank the fans for their love and support. he played 13 years in a golden state uniform and said he would not want it any other way. lin santy isn't as big as it was a month ago, but he's still attracting attention. he has a new job with volvo. the swedish car company is expected to be the focus of the efforts in china. according to, volvo plans to use lin's twitter account and his 664,000 followers as a marketing tool. >> jeremy lin, go ahead and get paid. i like it, kid. 'll explain what's happening coming up.
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